Dream’s Casino Review: So, You Think it is Like Every Other Web Casino? THINK AGAIN


DreamsCasino a driven gambling entertainment provider from Canada. They have more than 200+ games in total which can be played online, also called instant play or downloaded on Desktop or mobile. Available games entail the all time favourites like Blackjacks and Slot machine as well as some that are new in the market. Games keep adding up periodically, so the users never get bored and free spins or bonuses all over the place to let you enjoy more than anyone else.

Responsible Gaming:

DreamsCasino’s team is driven to provide its users not just an incredible amount of fun, but also a secure environment in which they never have to look over their shoulder and worry about scams, frauds or other issues. Users are promised information security, financial confidentiality along with so much entertainment, isn’t that too much to offer? Not really, DreamsCasino wants to be the best in the field and is driven to improve further. Moreover, Technical Systems Testing (TST) an internationally recognized testing facility, has certified RealTime Gaming’s Random Generator to ensure that the numbers being generator are truly random and not manipulated in any way. All new games also pass a thorough testing procedure from Engineers and external parties in order to ensure safe and fair gaming experience along with the fun. It feels like going to Vegas!


Deposit and Withdrawal options are wide open, you can choose from Visa or Mastercard, Debit or Credit, Bitcoin, Neteller and even receive in Checks so topping up your wallet and starting to gamble is never delayed. Cashier section is where you go before you start or once you are done. You can go to Cashier to deposit money into your Wallet in order to start playing with real money or you can go to cashier once you are done to request to withdraw money to your bank account. These Transactions are kept confidential and considered as Private, so they are not reported to IRS or other Tax agencies. Extras from bonus or voucher codes as well as, other coupons are not to be included in your wallet, they are only there for gambling more or entertainment purpose so you can not withdraw them.

DreamsCasino Games: So much variety to choose from!

Slot games:

Play 777 the most conventional slot game for most conventional players

What is the first thing you imagine when you hear the word gambling? For many it’s a Big screen, with a few buttons, sometimes a lever and spinning rows of pictures or signs. Well now you can have that in online too! There are many to choose from, one of them is 777. 777 is a classic, for those who like conventional gambling. It’s a three-reel game with a hold button. Unfortunately, no lever here, but hey! The graphics are quiet eye catching. There is a variation of rewards, some being larger than the others. Your balance always appears on the bottom, so you can change your bet accordingly. Having trouble? There is an info section with full guidelines. Still not enough? No worries. There is always the 24/7 phone line you can contact, or the live chat support to help and eventually improve user reviews. There are more games to choose from in this section like Achilles, Bubble, Cash Bandits and many more to keep the category addicts busy.

Table Games:

Next are table games. Again, there are many to choose from including the classic Blackjack, European Blackjack and several others. In this blackjack you are given 2 cards open and the dealer gets 2 cards, one open and the other close. You need to reach 21 points with the first two cards only. There is a table limit that provides limits to a bet on hand. Full details along with explanation of terminologies are available on the help section as always. All games have complete instruction manuals that are there to make sure you enjoy the gaming experience to its fullest and can do your best in it. Still not feeling sure? There is an option to practice or play with real money and you can select the practice option first. Start playing with real money once you feel confident! This is true for all games on DreamsCasino so users never have to shy away from a game and win the jackpot.

Video Poker:

Poker Games are no exception, they also come in a wide variety to choose from including one of the most elegant, All American Poker. Play 1 to 5 coins, along wit Royal Flush, Straight lush, Full house, 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind, 2 pairs, Jacks or Better. You can bet one, or bet max. Hold the cards when you want by clicking on them and draw to keep the cards spinning.


It’s a special day and you want to feel it in gambling too? Dreamscasino also offers specialty games, namely, American Roulette, European Roulette, Banana Jones, Craps, Fish Catch, Keno and Treasure Tree with more adding up periodically. American Roulette is a classic where you can bet on Evens, Odds, First 12, Second 12, Third 12, Numbers 1 – 18, 19 – 36, Red or Black. There is just so much to choose from! Select the one you want to bet on and spin, it’s really that simply and fund. Thinking about the big typical wheel with numbers in red and black and rolling a dice? Don’t worry, this game is well designed to give you genuine experience so you don’t miss going to a Casino physically and get the same experience from the screed because there is a spinning wheel and as you hit the Spin button you will see the dice rolling on it. European Roulette is also similar, but has more kinds of bets to choose from with Inside and Outside and limits on each. These games are clearly designed to satisfy a large segment of audience with their specific needs. In general there is a trade-off between targeting large audience and targeting specific audience to satisfy their specific needs, but this is a paradigm shifting idea.

What’s new:

Want to try something new? Try Fire Dragon. Fire Dragon is an Asian themed slot games with 5 columns. This made in Canada platform is truly global, since all sorts of cultures are being entertained here.


Promotions! Gambling can be hard and gamblers can sometime be having a rough patch of days. There are always different kinds of promotions available to enjoy, from those who are new, or those who are loyal and basically everyone who loves to gamble. Just login to the website using mobile or desktop, to see what is new going on around and get your jackpot. Namely, there are Sign Up Promotions, Redeposit Promotions and VIP Promotions. For Starters there is a 200% Bonus that goes up to $2000 (Bonus or coupon code is written at registration page), so Deposit $50 and play $150. It’s all set up to increase your freedom in gambling and so you can try many different games right off the bat, or go hard on one that you like! There is also a 200% Redeposit bonus to increase your fun as soon as you are ready to play. Think these are pretty big incentives? Well you haven’t heard it all. The VIPs are offered 275%, on a one big spin jackpot. Furthermore, is a 330% which gives 50+ free spins on Gemptopia, a game of hidden treasure. All there to let you play some free spins and have fun. All bonus codes are available at their respective locations.

VIP Program:

The VIP program is quite a specialty, for those who are truly loyal to gambling. The VIP Program has 5 levels and each has its own benefits that only continue to increase.

Level 1: Requires a $500 Deposit or $2500 lifetime deposits and offers $100 Welcome Bonus, Comp points as you wage more, and other

offers and bonuses.

Level 2: Requirements go up to $1000 of initial deposit or $35000 of lifetime deposits but the rewards are also higher. You are offered $150 of Welcome Bonus, more comp points than prior level and other offers and bonuses.

Level 3: Requires a $3,000 initial deposit or $50,000 lifetime deposits with reward of $250 Welcome Bonus, More Comp points than level 2 as you continue to wager, VIP Account Balance Insurance (Yes, this is for real!) and other offers and bonuses.

Level 4: Requires $5,000 of initial deposit or $100,000 of lifetime deposits with benefit of $500 Welcome Bonus and other offers and bonuses.

Level 5: Requires an Invitation and offers $1000 Welcome Bonus, comp points in return for lesser wager than before and of course, offers and bonuses.

All of these Offers and Bonuses are the ones available for VIP Only, so it’s worth the investment. What’s more is that there are designated VIP Hosts and a helpline which you can contact any time you have an issue and don’t want to wait in giving your review. VIP players also get increased table limits as an opportunity to make more money. Feeling like a true VIP now? Just log in to your account from mobile or PC and contact the support and they will help you convert to a VIP.


Whether you have questions or concerns regarding a game or financial transaction, Support team is available for you through various methods. While the VIP Users have a designated line and host available for them in addition to other benefits, regular users also have a Live Chat Support and a 24/7 Calling line. You can also contact via email, there are different contacts depending on your issue. Local, US, and UK’s calling line are Toll free. For smaller or more common questions, you can always access the FAQ section.

Registration and getting started:

Now that you have learned so much about Dreams Casino, it is time to begin. The Registration process is fairly simple, just go to the login/signup buttons which are always on top and on the home page of www.dreamscasino.com. The method is fairly simply and as soon as you click sign up, you have the option to download the program or login. Dreams Casino will ask you to enter your country of residence, and countries that are prohibited from Gambling are excluded from the list in order to prevent the users from that country from going against the laws.


How does offline gaming work? There is a button to download app when you hit ‘Sign up’ to get the software. Once it is downloaded, it will appear in .exe mode, you can open it and follow the instruction and installation. The offline mode does not support Macintosh, but the usual mode does so Macintosh users shouldn’t feel left out.

Keep in mind, not all games offer Comp points. Namely, Bacarrat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Pontoon 21, Progressive Video slots, Roulette, Sic Bo and War do not increase your Comp points.
Want to know whether you have been playing well or not? You can contact the customer service or check Account History to know your past 100 games’ records.


In conclusion of the review, it can be said that Dreams Casino is an incredible gambling platform. With an extremely user-friendly platform, be it on mobile or desktop, and always available option to play with real money and jackpot or try any game for fun is an offer all gamblers need regardless of their experience. Level of responsible gaming is clear given financial and other information protection, SSL, Certified testing in order to ensure fair opportunity to everyone in playing any game so the users never have to worry about authenticity. It’s almost like going to your gambling favourite spot in Vegas but instead you do it from home. There is also many ways of getting support if someone has an issue, wants to review an action, or anything else regardless of time in the day, so one never has to worry. Moreover, there are a lot of bonuses in forms of free spins and more, to give the users best experience and let them keep playing when they want to, with the respective bonus codes or coupons provided explicitly not waste user’s precious time. It’s all in the favour of users! VIP Program is one of the most extensive VIP Programs with so much offers, its truly a worthy investment.

Author: John Oakes